Instant Play

The instant access casino option that is offered by Tropicana Casino means that players can access the casino in real time and without having to download the casino to the computer. The casino and all games are played directly from the web browser of the casino and the player does not take up any room on the hard drive of his computer. Players at the casino can choose to download the casino or opt for the instant access version.

Instantly Connect to Everything

By choosing the instant access the player is instantly connected to the casino and all that it has to offer. The number and types of games are just as rich and broad as those offered at the online casino. Players benefit from the same generous welcome offer and the same customer support and the same ways to send money securely to the casino. The only real difference between the downloaded casino and the instant access casino is that the player can access the casino and games from any computer, he just needs to remember his user name and password that will enter him into the casino from any computer.